GarageBand, a name well-known among the music geeks, is a digital audio workstation (DAW) by Apple. This tool enables the user to create, edit, and mix music, right from a MacBook. In simple words, GarageBand has put an end to physical visits to the actual recording studio and saved you a lot of money and time. Now you can produce music, podcasts, and demos on this software, which is recognized and used by several famous musicians.

GarageBand for Windows PC – Why?

The popularity of GarageBand has made more and more users wanting to use it. However, a slight issue with the software compatibility has left Windows users disappointed. Since there has been no official update on a GarageBand version for Windows, some excited software developers found a way to get this DAW onto your PCs. Some software and emulators have been designed to imitate the environment of a macOS on a Windows PC, hence enabling GarageBand access on your system.

Through this article, we will be going through such software and the methods to access GarageBand on computer/laptop.

Methods to download GarageBand for PC

Since installing GarageBand on a Windows system is not possible directly, here we will go through procedures to do so, indirectly. Yes, there may not be an official, straightforward way to access GarageBand on Windows PC, but there are numerous techniques to facilitate this wondrous virtual studio onto your PC. 

The two software that we are going to review here are: 

  1. VMware (an alternative to emulators that can enable the imitation of a macOS environment on a Windows system), and 
  2. Andy (a handy Android emulator that easily imitates the iOS, macOS & Android OS on your Windows PC)

Method A – Using VMWare

More about VMWare

VMWare Workstation Player is a good and decent choice when planning to install GarageBand. With several services to offer, VMWare’s Workstation Player is the best fit for OS-related support. Using this, you can get a version/segment of an OS (ex. macOS Sierra) imitated and use it on another one (Windows). Hence, we will be learning the method to reflect the macOS Sierra on a Windows PC using VMWare software. 

But before moving forward, it is necessary to fulfill the below requirements to run the operation successfully. The requirements are as follows:

  • An Intel-based processor. VMWare can only operate on an Intel processor. Hence, you must check the configuration of your PC before trying this out. 
  • Also, make sure the PC is AMD-V compatible.

The procedure

Before starting, it is crucial to make some changes in the BIOS setup. Enable the Virtualization option in the Advance settings. Now, your PC is ready for the macOS stimulation. So, let us get started.

Step 1- Download and install the VMWare Player on your PC. However, do not run it yet.

Step 2- Now, download the Sierra 3 by macOS setup. 

Step 3- Once through, go to the official website of VMWare and activate the Workstation Player.

Step 4- Extract the macOS Sierra folder using WinRar.

Step 5- Now, on the Win-install tool, right-click on Run as Administrator.

Step 6- Next, click on the macOS Sierra setup folder and go to macOS Sierra 10.12 tools and search the Unlocker208 file in the Final YouTube Folder.

Step 7- A command prompt will open up on the screen. Make sure you give the permissions. Afterward, launch the VMWare software and click on Open Virtual Machine.

Step 8- After this, go to Sierra folder > macOS Sierra 10.12 tools > Final YouTubeFolder folder > Unlocker208 file.

Step 9- Click on Edit Virtual Machine Settings and choose a decent processor value count.

Step 10- On VMWare, click on the RAM option as per your preference, and click on OK. (Use only half the PC’s total RAM for a steady setup)

Step 11- Now, launch VMWare. Click on the Virtual Machine Play option. After this, the macOS will be successfully imitated on your PC

Step 12- Simply go on to the App Store on your new macOS, lookup GarageBand. Once the name shows up, click on it and install GarageBand.

The app will be installed in a matter of a few minutes. Once that is done, you will have GarageBand, the best virtual studio by Apple Inc., on your Windows PC.

Method 2: Using Andy

More about Andy

Andy is one of the sleekest emulators that offers a connective link between Windows & Mac. Not only that, but you can also now access all your favorite Android games on to your PC with the help of Andy.

The procedure

Before starting on the main method to access GarageBand using Andy, change your BIOS settings. Enable the Virtualization option in the Advanced BIOS menu. Moreover, you must have the latest graphic drivers installed and updated. Now, let us get to the main point: downloading GarageBand on Windows using Andy.

Step 1- Download Andy on your PC, and install it. 

Step 2- Open the software and signup, to gain complete access. (You can use your Google account to signup directly)

Step 3- Now go to Google Play Store, look up GarageBand, and install it.

Step 4- Once the installation is done, your Andy app is ready for use. 

Now you can use the marvelous GarageBand on your Windows PC, thanks to Andy.

Features of GarageBand (PC/Desktop Version)

To help you understand GarageBand better, we have devised a list of exciting features of this app:

  • Easy UI– One of the best things about GarageBand is its user-interface. It is almost like a use-and-learn software that you don’t need a formal tutorial to get started with. Although there is a user-manual available to help you in editing and customization process of the tracks.
  • Zero cost involved– Another surprising thing about GarageBand is that it is free. There are no after-installation charges included either. So, now you can create amazing music for free.
  • Virtual keyboard– The app has an in-built keyboard that allows you to create music without any hassles. But, if you are not content with that, there is always an option to attach a physical USB keyboard.
  • Sound effects– GarageBand is popular for the variety of effects it offers to make your music better. With a huge selection of live loops, create beats and use tunes from other songs to be added into your own.
  • Multi-touch option– Yet another great feature of GarageBand is the multi-touch that lets you use more than one musical instrument, and that too real-time. So, you can play drum kits and piano simultaneously, to create exciting music.
  • Sharing option– GarageBand is not only good for its music production benefits but also because it lets you share your creations with the world. With a single click, you can share your recordings, demos on various social media platforms.

Alternatives for GarageBand for Windows PC

Now, since GarageBand is specifically designed for macOS & iOS platforms, it may be tough to access the app on your Windows PC, even after installing it properly. However, a lot of Windows-supporting digital audio workstations that are pretty good and give GarageBand a tough competition. Below is a list of such worthy DAWs:

  1. T7 DAW– The first one up is T7 DAW. With a unique UI, this virtual studio is known for its super cool features that resemble that of GarageBand’s. T7 DAW is available in a free as well as a paid version. Although you can access only some of the features in the free version, these are considered reliable enough for beginner-level musicians.
  1. Cubase– Cubase is an attractive GarageBand alternative for Windows. It is popular among professional musicians. Using this digital audio workstation, you can record and mix tracks, as well as create new ones effortlessly. Moreover, the music output quality is exquisite, and this is why Cubase has a high rating among the DAWs. Cubase has some impressive features such as MIDI, editing tools, sequencer, etc. Not only that, but you can also quickly switch genres and produce awesome tracks. The paid version of Cubase offers added features such as live show recording.
  1. SONAR– SONAR is a digital audio workstation that works as a compelling alternative for Windows PC. With fairly paid versions, you can experiment with different kinds of music. It supports automation and has a scripting facility available. However, before you go and buy the paid version, there is also the option of trying out the software for 30 days. And you don’t have to share your credit card details for it. Overall, it is a great choice with amazing features, which, you probably will end up buying post 30 days of trial.
  1. Studio One– Here is yet another GarageBand replacement for Windows. With several free and paid versions, Studio One offers a modernized user-interface. The free version is known as Prime, while the paid versions are known as Artist & Pro. Also, it offers harmonic editing. With a limited set of VST plugins available in Artist mode, it is advisable to choose Pro version for 3rd party VST options. This also supports a remote tool for tablets and lets you manage the virtual studio from your phone.
  1. Pro Tools– Last on our list is Pro Tools, a virtual studio for beginners as well as expert-level musicians. The two versions of Pro Tools are: 1) the free version (Pro Tools First version) specifically designed for newbies, and 2) a paid version (Pro Tools Subscription) that is deemed best for professionals. The First version offers all basic tools to create music, however, the loop library will be comparatively smaller. Moreover, Pro Tools has enhancements for MIDI editing. All in all, Pro Tools is considered better than GarageBand in a lot of ways.

Why you should choose Andy?

Here is an emulator that not only eases your job of accessing GarageBand on Windows but has several other great features too. The Andy emulator is known for removing barriers between different OS-platforms and creating a bridge-like link to share different qualities of both the OS. Using Andy, you get to access all your favorite iOS and Android apps on your desktop directly. Also, when you access Andy using your Google account, all your GarageBand tunes and demos get saved in the cloud storage. So, that way, you never lose on the most unimportant of your work. It also offers high-definition graphics and sound quality. 

Andy supports macOS X, Windows 7/8 as well as Android, to ensure the open-source environment on the given platform. With the addition of ARM Support, OpenGL Hardware Support, and more, Andy makes up for a reliable emulator for your PC.

The endnote

GarageBand is one of the most renowned DAWs available today, and its reputation is the reason why we try and create ways for more people to have access to it. The steps above are tried and tested and should work well for you. However, with all said and done, it is still crucial to remember that these indirect ways do not approve the use of GarageBand on a non-Apple device. Hence, even if you have access to this great digital audio workstation on your Windows PC, the glitches or problems cannot be reported officially and should be anticipated. And that is why we have added the GarageBand alternatives that work exactly like it, more or less, and are super secure for your Windows PC. All you need to do is to go online and install one of the alternatives, as per your preferences.